Mould-Making and Slip-Casting Workshop

Mould-Making and Slip-Casting Workshop


An intermediate level, hands-on course with award winning designer-maker, Jack Casey. The workshop runs from 10.30am to 4.30pm. Please see our Terms and Conditions of service.


The Plaster Mould-Making and Slip-Casting Workshop is an intermediate level hands-on course designed for people with clay experience who want to expand their ceramic knowledge and skills. No experience of mould-making or slip-casting is required, but a general understanding of clay, its properties and glazing will be useful.  Feel free to bring on-going projects with you if you would like advice and assistance on them.

Jack Casey is an award-winning designer and maker, specialising in Mould Making and Slip Casting contemporary ceramic tableware and art. Jack will demonstrate various techniques from the preparation of a shape to produce in ceramic to taking a plaster mould from your shape. A slip-casting demonstration will also be given, along with the opportunity to practice this technique using a selection of ready-made moulds. Please bring with you an object you would like to make a mould from, a glass bottle or jar is a good starting point.  It should be no larger than approximately 15cm and be a relatively simple form.  At the end of the course you can take your completed mould home, along with a useful handout to serve as a reminder of the processes learned.

Places are restricted to a maximum of 4 to ensure sufficient one-to-one attention. Please bring: Small object for casting (see course description), notepad, pen, apron or clothes you don't mind getting messy, and packaging to get your finished moulds home. All materials are included in the price of the workshop, including earthenware casting slip.

Places are limited, so booking and pre-payment is required to secure your place. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information, or if you have any questions please do no hesitate to contact us.